Things to Do in Tequesta

Things to Do in Tequesta

The beautiful beach community of Tequesta, FL, is one of the gems tucked away in Palm County, with more than 6,000 residents to its name. Promising luxurious homes, a stunning shoreline, incredible parks, entertainment spots, and top-rated restaurants, it’s the perfect place for retirees and those who hope to soak up the Florida sunshine. Although it is a smaller community, Tequesta offers a great deal of options to keep residents and visitors entertained. Whether you are new to the area or just passing through, you’ll enjoy getting familiar with the many things to do in Tequesta.

Take an art course at the Lighthouse ArtCenter

This three-building campus offers a wide variety of things to do in Tequesta, enough to fill an entire day or more. There are several galleries on-site for viewing notable works of art that are regularly rotated. An art shop is also part of the center, selling various art supplies for artists of any skill level.

Whether you are a seasoned artist or new to experimenting with various mediums, you’ll want to take the opportunity to attend one of the many classes and workshops organized by Lighthouse ArtCenter. Here, you can participate in classes for all ages, teaching the basics of ceramics, drawing, painting, metallurgy, and more. Advanced courses are also available for experienced artists looking to further develop and hone their talents. The center also hosts art camps, book readings, coloring contests, painting raffles, and much more.

The center has been open for almost six decades, bringing together community members and tourists alike and helping them to become inspired to create unique works of art. Lighthouse ArtCenter sees more than 20,000 people pass through its doors annually, making it one of the most visited spots in Tequesta.

Enjoy a beer at Tequesta Brewing Company

The craft beer boom of the last two decades found its way to this village in 2011. The Tequesta Brewing Company serves a wide variety of beer, all brewed on-location and served in its busy taproom.

The master brewers at Tequesta Brewing Company offer beers of different styles and flavors, making it possible for patrons to find at least a few selections that they’ll enjoy. Whether you’re looking for a classic pilsner or Kolsch or want to sample an American IPA or a porter, you will find great beer options at this brewery.

The brewery is more than just beer. You can test your knowledge at one of their trivia nights or kick back and listen to live music. There are multiple events held each week here, giving you endless options when you’re looking for fun things to do in Tequesta.

Scuba or snorkel in nearby Jupiter

A short drive from Tequesta is one of the premier Scuba companies in South Florida. Jupiter Scuba Diving is the perfect spot for licensed divers and newbies alike to venture off the shore and into the beautiful depths of the sea.

The guided dives allow you to see an abundance of sea life. Whether it's the manta rays, stingrays, whale sharks, or green moray eels, you’ll get to take in many breathtaking scenes of ocean life with the courteous professionals that will escort you on your underwater journey.

Private dives are also available. Jupiter Scuba Diving also accommodates those wishing to take underwater photography.

Take a stroll or a swim at Juno Beach

The nearby Juno Beach is one of the most popular coastal spots for anyone in Tequesta. The beach offers multiple recreational opportunities and is the perfect place to sit on a beach chair and relax in the fantastic weather. In addition, the Loggerhead Marinelife Center at the beach is a must-visit facility dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of sea turtles that have been injured in the wild. Take a tour to experience these majestic creatures up close.

Head to the public pier to enjoy a day of fishing. You’ll also find numerous retail shops, bars, and restaurants adjacent to the beach, giving you the full beach community experience.

Visit a wildlife refuge

The Nathaniel P. Reed Hobe National Wildlife Refuge should work its way to the top of your to-do list when you are staying in Tequesta. The refuge makes up the most extensive undeveloped beach land in all of Southeastern Florida. It’s garnered a reputation for being among the most productive spots for nesting sea turtles as well.

The visitor center at the refuge is a combination gift shop and wildlife display. Here, you can marvel at the various interactive exhibits that include live reptiles and amphibians, as well as viewing an assortment of saltwater fish. Explore the gorgeous nature trails as you meander through tropical trees and ridges and end up at the shimmering shoreline.

Experience the beauty of the Blowing Rocks Nature Preserve

Below the Florida sand and soil lies a large formation of limestone known as Anastasia. The shells, coral, and bits of marine fossils that compose the limestone formed millions of years ago when all of Florida was under the sea. Though the years have covered this formation with earth, you can still see a small section of it in all its glory at the Blowing Rocks Nature Preserve.

The limestone here juts out of the earth and into the ocean, where the millennia-worth of waves have carved it into unique formations. Some of these naturally sculpted pieces of limestone have developed into blowholes, spouting water high into the air any time a wave courses through them.

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