How to Find a Real Estate Agent

How to Find a Real Estate Agent

When you’re ready to buy or sell a property, find professional help tailored to your needs. Buyers’ agents are valuable in showing home searchers all local listings that fit their goals. Sellers’ agents are especially important, as they help sellers prepare and market their properties. Here’s what to know when learning how to find a real estate agent.

What to know

Professional real estate help comes in many different forms. Some distinctions, like the difference between a buyer’s agent and a realtor, aren’t drastic. However, other forms of help through a broker or listing agent can impact the service you receive.

What is a real estate agent?

Simply put, a real estate agent is a licensed professional that helps people buy or sell real estate. Agents can work for themselves, for other agents, or for a brokerage. Agents who help buyers are called buyer’s agents, while agents who help sellers are known as seller’s or listing agents.

Working with a broker

A broker completes the same responsibilities as an agent. To become a broker, individuals complete additional education for a broker license. This allows them to work independently and hire other agents. The main difference is that brokers earn their own commissions and a share of their employee’s commissions.

Working with a Realtor

A Realtor refers to a real estate agent who is a member of the National Association of Realtors. A Realtor helps buyers and sellers with their home transactions. The term can also refer to related professions like property managers and appraisers.

Working with a listing agent

Only people interested in selling their properties work with a listing agent. Just like a seller’s agent, listing agents place the property on a local MLS, set a competitive price, and market the property.

How to find a real estate agent

To understand how to find a real estate agent, follow the steps below. Make sure a professional’s experience lines up with your needs and understand how they work. Then, ask for recent client reviews.

Research their experience

An agent should have a track record of successful home sales or purchases similar to your own transaction. Ask questions that clarify this experience and the type of training they’ve received. An agent should be familiar with the locale and market trends. Also, search for a compatible communication style.

Understand how they operate

Not all agents work the same way, which can impact the type of experience you receive. Understand if you’ll be working with the agent directly or with their team of professionals. Now is also a good time to ask about commission. Usually, sellers pay for most or all of the real estate commissions. These are split between buyers’ and sellers’ agents.

Ask for references

A quality agent should always be able to provide favorable, recent references from past clients. Anecdotal information can assuage or confirm any feelings about your compatibility with an agent.

Things to look for in a buyer’s agent

As a buyer, find a buyer’s agent that will prioritize your goals in a home search. A good agent should also set realistic expectations for their clients. This helps buyers avoid disappointment or frustration.

Prioritize your goals

Any good real estate agent should always prioritize the goals of their client. A buyer’s agent will do this by asking questions to understand your specific needs. These may include your desired price range, home size, neighborhood type, and surrounding area amenities. An agent will tailor their search for properties according to this information. When buyers make an offer on a property, agents will protect a buyer’s interests by negotiating prices, contingencies, and other specifics.

Realistic mindset

A buyer’s agent should always be truthful with their clients. They’ll provide buyers with information about local market trends and how that affects their search. Areas with less inventory and more competition can result in a longer search. High levels of buyer competition can also spark bidding wars and reduce negotiation power. Knowing this information gives buyers the opportunity to decide how they want to invest time and resources.

Things to look for in a seller’s agent

When understanding how to find a real estate agent, look for help geared toward a successful home sale. A seller’s agent will provide advice during home preparation. They also understand local market trends. Most importantly, they market a listing to boost its visibility.

Knowledge of market trends

A seller’s agent regularly works with sellers in the area. This gives them a thorough and recent understanding of market trends. For example, they’ll know what comparable listings look like. With this information, they help sellers prepare their own properties. Understanding market conditions also help agents provide advice to sellers.

Home preparation guidance

An agent is also invaluable in the home preparation process. They can provide pointers on the best home improvements to make and how to stage a property. A seller’s agent has a network of connections available for their clients to use. These include service providers like home contractors, home stagers, and professional photographers. When a home is ready, an agent sets a competitive listing price. This decreases the chance of your listing lingering on the market.

Marketing pros

One of the main services a seller’s agent provides is marketing. They’ll market your home online by creating an MLS listing, taking professional photos, and advertising the listing through social media. A seller also actively searches for interested buyers. They’ll plan home showings and open houses so buyers can view your property in person. This increases your chances of receiving an offer and selling your home quickly.

Ready to work with an agent?

Knowing how to find a real estate agent can be tricky. The information above provides a complete understanding of real estate professionals, questions to ask, and services to expect. When considering a home transaction, it’s always best to partner with an agent to access professional tools and advice. If you’re ready to buy or sell a home, contact trusted local agent Jeremy Kershbaumer to guide you through the process.

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